Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Shaadionline provides the services of planning the budget, choosing the venue, the Décor design, the Menu, the Entertainment, Sequence of events and so much more.,ensuring that you get what you planned & paid for.Creating a Smooth & Hassle free function.Above all the services shaadionline presents some tips also which the requirement for bride and groom on their wedding day. If you are looking for advice on wedding related matters, you don’t have to go any further. Clear your doubts or find out more on a whole range of subjects. Whether it’s planning your wedding or designing your trousseau or pre-marriage counselling, choosing the right hairstyle or personality development, put your questions to eminent personalities in their fields.Shaadionline provides the servives of experts which are as follows:
Health Tips
Vandana Luthra  India’s slimming diva, who is founder and proprietor of VLCC (Vandana Luthra’s Curls & Curves) gives the reply for all your queries. For Further details Visit us at


1. I am now 72 kg. I want to reduce my tummy which is getting more and more distended everyday. Please advise.

  2. I stay in Agra. I am very much interested in joining your centre it is not possible for me to come to Delhi. Are you opening any VLCCcentre in Agra in near future. If yes then please notify me. I’m very keen to join your centre.

  3. My height is 5’7″. I want to look beautiful after having a good height but I feel nervous while going to the beautician.

  4. I am 5feet11inches in height and 24years old,having weight of 85kg. I want to reduce my weight by 10 kg. Can it be possible in your clinic? If yes then how much time do I have to devote as I am also working in a company. Please tell me about the procedures i have to undergo. thanks vicky.

Perfect skin may be the ultimate luxury but you do not have to blame your genes   if you are not born with one.Coordinate your eye make-up, lip colour   and nail polish with your complexion and your clothes.Contrast and combine colours to   create the focus your face deservesduring the most important time of your  life your wedding.By Poonam Chandra


1. How do I remove a tan?

  2. I have stretch marks on my skin (hips and waist) since childhood,

  3. What is the remedy for falling hair which is really dry in nature?

  4. I have a dull complexion. How can I have a glowing and fairer complexion?

  5. Hi, I am getting married in on Nov 11 in Delhi. I am based in Bombay and have no clue about the good parlours in delhi. Can you please suggest some. Also I do not want to go to a very expensive place

Skin Care(By Kaya Clinic)
Skin is the most beautiful part of the entire human body, essentially defining the way we look. Did you know that your skin is always trying to talk to you? At Kaya we help you listen to your skin. We help you restore and maintain the intrinsic beauty of your skin.

At Kaya, skincare is result oriented, driven by expert dermatologists and skin practitioners, delivered in private, Zen like surroundings, after understanding the specific needs of your skin. You emerge with skin that’s not only healthy from within but completely radiant and glowing.


1. i am getting white patches on my skin. how do i remove them.

  2. What is the cost of your Skin treatment service..

  3. i am getting married next month. What should I do to increase my face glow?

  4. Are face packs useful?

  5. I have pimples on my face. Do they come with stress, as I am getting married and am under duress. Is there any solution for this??

Jewellery Tips
Times are changing and so is our attitude. Attitude is all you wear.  You should know what to wear keeping fashion trends in mind .  It is your own time, own pace and own   space – celebrate it in style, either with simplicity with a minimalist look or the heady hedonistic ‘glitz and glam’. The ultimate luxury of the new millennium is that the information is just a click away.  So what’s in and what’s hot Rosily Paul Vadakkal tells you all.For Further details visit 


1. How can one start doing a jewellery design course?

  2. What style of mangal sutra is worn in north India?

  3. I would like to give a piece of jewellery to my fiancee on her birthday. She is tall, raven-haired, has black eyes and looks latin. Please suggest something suitable.

  4. I am fair with blue eyes and blonde hair. Please suggest the correct stones for an august wedding. I am wearing pastel shades in chiffon for my dresses.

  5. Is it compulsory to were jewellery during a wedding?

  6. Which stones would you suggest to match with outfits in deep green, red and cobalt blue?

Dress Designer
Wedding ceremonies are the most cherished moments in the life of an Indian bride or a groom They always dream to look their best on this special occasion when all eyes are set on be best at your wedding day by using the tips given by Shaadionline expert- Deepti Nanda.


1. I am 5’2 in height and 59 kg in weight. what should be my type of wedding dress to look slim.

 1. I am 5’2 in height and 59 kg in weight. what should be my type of wedding dress to look slim. – Rina M Amlani, March 20, 2008
Hi Rina, Looking at your vitae, you fall on the plumpy side. So while choosing your wedding trousseau your first choice should be a Lehnga Choli. Lehnga should be a fishtail in net, crepe or georgrtte, while choli should be a long length one with a slightly deep neck showing a bit of cleavage for a slimmer look. Drape duppatta in such a way that it flows from shoulder to knee. Make sure that that your complete trousseau is in single bright color to give your personality an instant uplift. Wish you a gorgeus look on your special day.

For Details visit us at


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